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Marland Clutch brings to the North American market a line of proven sprag type free-wheel clutches. Marland utilizes the knowledge of its sister divisions, Stieber® of Germany and Formsprag® of the United States, to manufacture world class high performance sprag clutches in the United States.

The RMS, RMT and RMI model freewheels include ball bearings and seals. These self-contained freewheels have a bolt circle on their outer race to which pulleys, gears and torque arms can be mounted. The freewheels are mounted onto shafts which may be of any diameter up to and including the maximum bore shown below. Keyways are provided.

    RMS Model
    • Freewheel is a general purpose clutch used for overrunning, backstopping and indexing applications
    • Chromium-carbide surface sprags
    • Extra-long life
    • Maximum wear resistance
    • Lower maintenance costs
    • Available with oil or grease lubrication
    • Sized to match all of the brands on the market
    RMI Model
    • Freewheels feature the use of centrifugal throwout sprags
    • Sprags will "lift-off" the outer race during high-speed inner race overrunning
    RMT Model
    • Used for applications that require high outer race overrunning speeds and low
    Marland Clutch
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We are now a part of Regal Rexnord.
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