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Marland Clutch

HBG Clutches

Marland Clutch HB Series Clutches

Automatic freewheel clutch mounted on hydrodynamic brake. Allows brake to work only when lowering loads from drawworks cable reel.

Uniform Load Distribution is assured by full-phase true cylindrical rollers enclosed in a cage to act in unison on flat cam surfaces. The cage forces all the rollers to engage simultaneously, accurately maintaining their relative positions, thereby assuring that each roller will carry an equal share of the load.

Other designs utilize individual springs acting on each roller. This allows different energizing forces to cause one or more of the rollers to engage in the load carrying position prematurely, or to skew. This action will concentrate the full clutch load on one or just a few rollers causing destruction and failure of the rollers and clutch.

    • Full-Phased Cam and Rollers
    • No Loose Parts
    • No Backlash
    • Long Service Life
    • Superior Roller Design
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