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Marland BCMA Backstop for Quarry Inclined Conveyor

July 3, 2019
Quarry Inclined Conveyor

A large limestone quarry operation in Kentucky needed to find a replacement backstop fast for one of its incline conveyors. The existing competitor backstop, mounted to the conveyor’s head shaft, had reached the end of its useful service life and was starting to fail. With the risk of potential damage from a runaway inclined belt fully loaded with crushed rock, the conveyor was shut down. A new backstop was needed quickly since the quarry’s output and profitability were significantly impacted.

To meet the application requirements, Marland supplied a new BC-90MA model with a backstopping holding torque of 122,024 Nm (90,000 lb.ft.). The extremely reliable ramp-and-roller style backstop is designed to operate in dusty, high temperature quarry and mine environments. All BCMA units feature a grease labyrinth seal that prevents dust from attacking internal oil lip seals that could wear and leak if infiltrated.

Aware of the customer’s costly downtime situation, Marland was able to respond quickly and ship the new backstop in just 2 days. The unit required a modified bore to fit within the customer’s existing drive configuration. A custom sleeved bore reduced the standard 9" shaft to 7-15/16".

Marland BCMA

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  • Holding torque of 122,024 Nm (90,000 lb.ft.)
  • Special sleeved bore
  • Full torque load testing performed
  • Self-lubricated, sealed oil chamber
  • 20-year, 24/7/365 service life
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