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Altra Industrial Motion Brands Offer a Wide Range of Power Transmission Products for Coal-Fired Power Plant Applications

June 25, 2012
Coal-Fired Power Transmission Products

As industry leaders in electromechanical power transmission products, the companies of Altra Industrial Motion are uniquely positioned to leverage their products’ reputations, reliability and technologies to help achieve the necessary energy production at coal fired power plants worldwide.

Available in more than 70 countries, Altra products are marketed under a host of leading brand names, including Twiflex, Bibby Turboflex, Marland Clutch, Formsprag Clutch, Bauer Gear Motor, Ameridrives Couplings, Boston Gear and others. In addition, with manufacturing facilities, sales engineers and service technicians strategically located around the world, Altra provides its customers with localized support and service while maintaining a global focus.

Formsprag Clutch and Marland Clutch design and manufacture dependable, long-life, overrunning and backstopping clutches for protection against reverse torque runaways of inclined, and overland coal conveyors.

Marland BC-MA backstops (with bore ranges up to 600 mm, 23.5 in.) and Formsprag’s LLH holdbacks (with torque capacity up to 976,271 Nm, 720,000 lb.ft.) are very popular devices used to prevent uncontrolled rotation in the opposite direction of coal conveyors.

Formsprag overrunning clutch Models FSO, HSB, FS-50, RSCI, and RIZ are high-speed backstops for internal and external gear reducer mounting. Marland CECON clutches, designed for high-speed continuous operation, are available with a disconnect feature that provides physical separation of the input and output shafts for easier maintenance.

Twiflex braking systems are also used on conveyors at coal-fired facilities across the globe. Spring-applied, hydraulically-released VMS DP modular disc brakes feature 730 kN braking force and are designed for fast pad changes. Lightweight Model GMR-SD spring-applied, air released caliper disc brakes feature 36kN braking force.

Bauer Gear Motor offers a variety of gear motor solutions for coal-fired plant applications. Compact BG Series helical-geared motors are economical and require very little maintenance. Shaft-mounted BF Series geared motors feature an integral torque arm and are easy to install. Power-dense right angle BK Series bevel-geared motors ensure the highest efficiency, especially when used with frequency inverters.

Nuttall Gear Moduline Concentric Gear drives are available in 11 sizes with ratios up to 985:1 and ratings up to 250,000 in. lbs.

Boston Gear Series CCC Centric centrifugal overload clutches provide automatic engagement and disengagement. Units feature no slippage at full running speed, controlled soft-start acceleration and 100% efficiency at rated speed. Boston’s complete line of spur, helical, miter, bevel, worms and worm gears are also utilized throughout coal-fired facilities. Compact, heavy duty 800 Series helical gear reducers from Boston provide long life performance and simplified maintenance.

Bibbigard safety element torque limiters from Bibby Turboflex provide accurate release torque repeatability to protect drive systems from expensive damage and lost production.

TurboFlex GC® couplings by Ameridrives Couplings,are specifically designed for heavy industrial applications. Units feature unitized flex packs, fast and easy installation, and increased torque capacity. Torsionally stiff, lightweight Bibby Turboflex HP couplings are capable of transmitting high torques at high speeds while accepting significant levels of angular, radial, and axial misalignment.

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